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Overcoming Labels

Too old, too fat, too little, too young, wrong this, wrong that, not enough this, and too much that. We’ve all been labeled, and it hurts. A lot. In fact, if we’re not careful, labels can do more than hurt us. Tim Doremus, a pastor at Life.Church, says it well. “The problem with labels is the longer we wear them, the less they describe our past and the more they determine our future.” Read that again. If we don’t rip off our labels, they begin to stick and become true. So, here’s the Good News: because of Christ, we have a new label that overcomes them all. Jesus gave us His spot in heaven as beloved Son so that we could be labeled sons and daughters of the living God. Now, to us who believe, our Heavenly Father doesn’t say, “Too much, not enough, wrong this, too old.” He looks at us, sees His Son, and says, “Well done.”

Pray: After you read today’s Scriptures, prayerfully ask God to show you what label(s) you believe about yourself. Then, ask the Holy Spirit to help you tear off the wrong labels and replace them with the right ones. Finally, thank Jesus for the power of what He’s done for you.