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Overcoming Apathy

Apathy almost always stems from the fear that says, “If I try one more time, I might fail, so I won’t try.” Basically, apathy isn’t much more than a guess at the future. You know how we overcome apathy? Real enthusiasm. Enthusiasm gets its roots from the Greek language as en theos, meaning “in God, being possessed by God, or even being filled with God’s Spirit.” So, if apathy stems from our human guess at the future, then real enthusiasm comes from God’s facts about His presence. 

Remember David and Goliath? Like most giants, apathy tries to make you and your God feel tiny. But you know what God called David? He called him a man after His own heart. Essentially, a man with real enthusiasm. An overcomer. So, if you’re overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, don’t give up. Come close to God. Trust Him because He is close to you, and He loves to topple giants.

Ask: After you read today’s Scriptures, ask these questions in prayer. What are my giants? What are they trying to say about God? What’s the truth about God? How can this truth topple my giants?