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Not an Overcomer

Sometimes, to really know who or what something is, it helps to know who or what the opposite is. Darkness makes the light more obvious. What’s the opposite of an overcomer? An undertaker. Someone responsible for burying your life. Your enemy. Jesus makes it simple with John 10:10. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But, Jesus is here to give you life—and not just that—life to the full because He’s more than an overcomer! In other words, your enemy is not an overcomer. Because of Jesus, the undertaker has no chance in your life.

Pray: After you read John 10:10 a few times, begin to pray. Visualize John 10:10 in two parts. The first part undertaker, and the second part overcomer. Then, get specific with God. Ask Him to take back any part of your life the undertaker is trying to steal, kill, or destroy.