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Overcoming Comparison

Yesterday we talked about how comparing opposites can help us see what’s what. Remember how we’re more than overcomers and our opposite, the undertaker, doesn’t stand a chance? Well, the usefulness of making comparisons ends there. Here’s why. To compare, you have to look down, left, right, or across. But God is asking us to keep our eyes up, on Him, on the path set before us. We’re overcomers. To win this race, to not grow weary, we need our eyes fixed on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. Not the house across the street, not her Instagram likes, not his new job, not how fast their kid learned to talk, not her body, not his grades, not the left, not the right … Jesus. 

Ask: After you read today’s Scriptures, ask yourself these questions. How well can I describe the lives of the people I know? How well can I describe what Jesus is doing in my life? Which do I think is getting more of my attention? Then, talk with Jesus about your answer.