365 Ways To Know God


Jesus – The Light.

Jesus is the Light; He can show you where to walk today. He was the Light that shone into your heart before you were saved so that you were convicted of your sin and repented. He was the Light that pointed you to salvation. Today, He’ll be your Light to show you what to do as you walk through the many decisions that you face. Jesus is a bright, shining Light. He can enlighten you through the Scriptures, but you must study them. He can help you see clearly as you pray, but you must seek His presence. He can give you light to make better decisions, but you must make time for communion with Him.

Lord, take away my spiritual blindness. Help me see what I must do today. Don’t let me stumble or get lost. Shine light on my path.

Jesus is the Light of salvation. You may stumble when you walk outside the perimeter of light, so always take Jesus, the Light, with you. Let His light shine, giving you illumination when you don’t know what to do. You can always have the blessings of Light when you take Jesus with you.

Lord, help me make better choices; keep me from making mistakes. Be Light to help me understand my friends and associates at work. Shine on me when I walk through dark, threatening valleys. Lord, thank You for the warmth of Your light. I feel comfortable in Your presence. Keep me from stumbling in the night. Keep me in the Light. Amen.

Key Thought: Jesus is the Light to guide you.