365 Ways To Know God


Father – The Father of Mercies.

When you call God Father, it’s not just His name that you’re calling upon. “Father” indicates a relationship; you are relying on your relationship with Him. It began with a relationship between Jesus and the Father, who loved each other throughout eternity. Jesus died for your sins so that the Father could forgive you and receive you into God’s Heaven. When you accepted Jesus as your Savior, you were born again into God’s family. Now you can enjoy an intimate relationship in the family with both the Father and the Son. Now you are God’s child (see John 1:12). Why don’t you thank Him for making you His child?

Father, thank You for allowing me to have a relationship with You. You are the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ and the God of all comfort.

When you call God your Father, you’re not just using a name; you’re entering a spiritual relationship. When you became God’s child, He established a relationship of mercy with you. He no longer looked at you as an alien or a sinner, but in mercy He forgave all your sin. He no longer had to punish your disobedience. Instead He accepted you into His family, so He can love you, protect you and guide you. He is the Father of Mercies and the God of all comfort. Now you can enjoy all the blessings of heaven, and you can enter the intimacy of God’s presence. Will you enjoy the Father today?

Father, thank You for allowing me to have an intimate relationship with You. Amen.

Key Thought: You can be intimate with the heavenly Father.