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365 Ways To Know GodSample

365 Ways To Know God

DAY 1 OF 12

Father – The Lord, My Shepherd (Jehovah Roi).

The Lord is your Shepherd; He can lead you to green pastures where you can lie down for rest. There you can feed on green grass to regain your strength. He will lead you beside still water, so you can moisten your dry tongue. Will you follow Him today? The Lord is your Shepherd; He will lead you in the right paths, for His name’s sake. He will guide you through the valley of the shadow of death. Don’t be afraid of shadows, for they are only dark eclipses created by threatening mountains. The Shepherd will be with you in danger and will lead you through dark valleys but not leave you there.

Shepherd, there are many paths calling to me. What is the right path for me today? Guide me. The mountain trails through life’s valleys are filled with dead-end canyons. When I get lost, come help me.

Your Shepherd will prepare a table of food for you after you get through your dark valley. Your favorite cup is full and running over. Eat, drink, and rejoice in His provision. The Shepherd has two “sheep dogs” that will pursue you if you stray. The first is His goodness, which will keep you following Him. The second is His mercy, which will forgive any of your future wayward steps.

Shepherd, it feels good to happily rest beside You. When my eyes get distracted by the things of this world, come draw me back with goodness and mercy. Shepherd, I want to dwell with You in Your house forever. Amen.

Key Thought: The Lord wants a relationship with you.


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365 Ways To Know God

The Bible has more than a thousand names or metaphors for God. Why does He have so many names? Each name describes a different function or characteristic of His being. Through this devotional, you will learn more about ...


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