Rhythm of Christmas

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While the Wisemen may not have been present at the birth of Christ in Bethlehem as portrayed by modern day manger scenes, it is does not dilute their contribution to the Christmas story. They saw the same star the shepherds did. Instead of debating what they saw or wasting time deciding how to act, their obedience was immediate.

Their response was to worship Christ. They did not let things like the length of the journey or the struggles they may endure on their journey distract them from their sole focus of worshipping Christ. Furthermore, their dedication to worshipping Christ with every fiber of their being created a desire within them to bring their best in the form of beautiful and valuable gifts. They would not settle for giving Jesus anything less.

When you worship God are you giving Him your very best? Are you just going through the motions? Or does every fiber of your being crave the presence of God to the point that you cannot help yourself in crying out and worshipping the Creator of the universe. Listen to the words of the Wiseman today as he shares how Jesus changed the very rhythm of his life leading him to respond in worship.