Rhythm of Christmas

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While there may not be anything directly written about the innkeeper in scripture, he played one of the most important roles in the birth of Christ. If it had not been for his willingness to give Mary and Joseph all he had, there likely would not have been a place for Mary to give birth to Jesus.

Sure, a stable was not the most ideal of places, but it was all the innkeeper had to give. We should model the innkeeper's response in the way we respond to Christ. When Christ knocks on our heart, our first response should be to invite Him in and give Him all we have. Even if our hearts are not perfect rooms for Him to live in, Christ does not care. He loves us and desires us no matter what.

Don't ever feel like you don't have anything to offer Christ because of your past. Just give Him whatever you have just as the innkeeper did. Listen to the words of the innkeeper today as he shares about the small, but pivotal role he played in bringing Christ into the world and changing the rhythm of our hearts for all eternity.