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Some of us have spent our entire lives searching for who we are. We have wasted so much time trying to live up to the expectations that people or culture deemed important. Non-stop searching for significance and security is not an easy burden to bear. We have been told that we need to look or act or talk a certain way to be accepted. We have swallowed the lies that money and fame and status can satisfy our deepest longings.

It is a twisted, complicated lie that can be undone with a very simple, yet profound truth:

You are a child of God. A precious, beloved, child of God.

Our identity is not what we do. It’s not our job, or our skills, or how much money we earn. Our identity is not our title—mom, husband, singer, married, single, employer. Our identity is not our youth or our age, our house or our car, our past decisions or present circumstances.

Our identity rests in knowing we are children of God. This fact alone is where we find significance and security. Daughters of the Most High. Sons of the King. We can know freedom from the past because our Father forgives. We don’t have to worry about the future because our Father provides. We have access to his power because he conquered the grave. Our Father will never let us down. Even in life’s greatest disappointments, he is ever present. We can rest secure in knowing that all things—our past, present, and future—are in his tender care. Nothing can ever take away the reality of being his child.

Prayer: God, thank you for calling us your children. Thank you for providing for our every need. Thank you for giving us more than we could ever ask for or imagine. We give our lives to your purposes. May we live each day for your glory.

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