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Most of us are waiting for something. A healing, a restored relationship, a financial breakthrough, a new job. We can often feel closed in with no way out. Sometimes we find ourselves in a pit dug by our own hands. The choices we have made have resulted in wounds that we can blame no one else for but ourselves. And so we wait for a breakthrough, a rescue.

But don’t lose heart in the waiting. There is hope. God hears us when we call to him. His ears are bent towards us. His is the voice whispering through the noise and doubt to not give up and to take courage. Even when we turn our back on him, he turns to us and he hears us. And in exchange for cries of help, he gives us a new song. It’s a song of praise. What was once lost or damaged, he restores with a new song that declares “Hallelujah! My God has given me new life!”

Saddleback Worship’s latest EP is called FIRST. We have always said that Saddleback Worship is more than music. Our teams will be about love, community, growth, collaboration, and serving—and that anything and everything we do will be under the banner of the name of Jesus. Our primary goal has been to love him first and seek him first. And if, out of a foundation built on Jesus alone, new melodies and new lyrics would spring up and pour out, then we would be honored to join God on that journey. These are our new songs of freedom, celebration, and surrender. No matter where you are or where you’ve been, our prayer is that these songs would breathe hope into your life.

Prayer: God, you are our firm foundation. Thank you for lifting us out of the slippery places of shame, insecurity, and doubt, and planting us on a rock marked by restoration, forgiveness, and renewal. Thank you for giving us a new song to sing. We love you first and always.

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