Saddleback Worship - The Overflow Devo

Day 3 of 7 • This day’s reading



Have you ever been in a room when the power goes out? There’s usually an audible gasp, the tense moments of not being able to see clearly, and then a settling in as our eyes begin to adjust to our dark environment. We wait for someone to light a candle or for the lights to come back on. And they always do. The light always comes and breaks through the dark.

But some of us are facing a lingering darkness, a very real weight or burden that we can’t seem to shake. And we are longing for the light. We know what it means to be lost and needing direction, to be pressed on every side with anxious thoughts, to be keeping our head just above waters of pain and disappointment. We are waiting for a breakthrough. And it always comes. God’s love always comes and breaks through the dark.

For those of us longing for a way out of the darkness, God is standing right by our side armed with goodness and mercy. His love is complete and true and lasting. It pierces the night and brings new life. You see, God’s love changes things. When we encounter his enduring love nothing stays the same. That’s a promise we can cling to. God’s love has the power to quiet fears. God’s love knows no boundaries and it can reach into every secret place, every stronghold, and every corner of darkness. His love says you are valued, you are cared for, you have a bright future.

Lean into God’s love and goodness. Don’t believe the lie that darkness wins. Praise God for his love that always lasts. Praise God that he is our constant source of strength and hope even in our darkest days. His love always breaks through.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for your goodness and mercy. Thank you for calling us out of darkness. We ask that your never-ending love would invade every corner of our lives and that we would radiate that love to others.