Saddleback Worship - The Overflow Devo

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading



Recently, we have been talking about faith as a team—how we want to grow it, how we want to step out in it, how we want to have more of it. Sometimes heroic faith—the kind that splits seas, walks on water, and brings the dead back to life—seems impossible or is put on the back burner until we’re face to face with our very own giants. You know the ones—crippling fear, devastating news of disease, broken relationships, loss of a job, past decisions that come back to haunt us. And then we want instant Moses-like faith. But the faith we need to tackle those monsters of pain and havoc starts with a simple faith in the day-to-day journey.

And there is only one place we need to look to start building our faith. Only one place we need to put our trust. Only one place we need to focus our eyes. And that is on Jesus. Don’t get stuck in the muck and mud of life. Jesus wants us to move forward. He won’t waste a single step we take in his direction. He’s the one who takes our fears, heals our sickness, and restores our relationships. He sustains us through difficult times and wipes away all regret. We need only run toward him. He is our finish line.

Great faith begins in the small things. It begins with the ordinary. It begins with a commitment at the dawn of each new day to lay down the things that are tripping us up and trust that Jesus has his eye on every little detail. We need only keep our eyes on him.

Prayer: God, we fix our eyes on you. Show us the ways we can run this race stronger, with greater determination, and deeper purpose. Increase our faith, steady our feet, and propel us forward. May your truth and your love shine bright in all we do.