Seeking God’s Direction

Seeking God’s Direction

DAY 5 OF 5

God's Continuing Plan

Devotional Content:

David and Tracy share how God led them to be foster parents. God first placed it on David’s heart and then on Tracy’s. Then together they faithfully followed God’s leading and were obedient to His call on them to foster.

Throughout the whole process, God showed them how His hands were in it. He guided them step by step along the way and gave them wisdom throughout the process.

David and Tracy were later blessed with twin infant boys to foster. They never doubted. This was exactly what God wanted them to do. Amazingly, they are now, a few years later, going to be able to adopt the boys.

God’s hand is active in all of our lives. He is the sovereign God. He wants you to follow Him and to be faithful in what He has asked you to do.

Today’s Challenge:

What can you do to encourage your spouse to be faithful to God and to what God has called them to do?

Going Deeper:

1. How can you be faithful to God in your current situation? 

2. What things has God called you to do? If you aren’t sure, spend sometime this week praying about that. 

3. How can you encourage your spouse to be faithful to God and what God has called them to do? 

4. After listening to Tracy and David’s story and learning from them. What is your biggest take away? 


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Seeking God’s Direction

Do you want to seek God’s direction for your life and your marriage? This plan will give you a clear look into one couple’s life and how they sought God’s direction in the midst of a crisis. This plan by Dr. Kim will hel...

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