Seeking God’s Direction

Seeking God’s Direction

DAY 4 OF 5

Dealing with a Crisis 


David and Tracy share openly and honestly about their unplanned pregnancy that happened outside of marriage. They decided that even though they had sinned, they were going to honor God moving forward and not run and hide from what they had done.

Dealing with this crisis was particularly difficult for David and Tracy because Tracy lost her job at her church due to the pregnancy. Tracy really struggled as she was cut off from much of her support community. She felt alone and afraid.

With every trial they faced, God’s sovereignty was apparent. God placed people in their lives to help them through this hard time. In the end, God blessed them immensely through the life of their sweet child Isabella.

Today’s Challenge:

Tracy and David chose to honor God even in the face of crisis. How can you honor God in your current situation?

Going Deeper:

1. Tracy shares about dealing with the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy and how God got her through that. Think about your life: What crisis have you walked through? How has God brought you through it?

2. David talks about the importance of community when crisis comes. Do you have strong community? If not, what can you do to build it?

3. Isabella is a great example of how God can bring great and glorious things out of any situation. How have you seen this ring true in your own life?

4. Pray and thank God that He is a forgiving God and a God of redemption.

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Seeking God’s Direction

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