Seeking God’s Direction

Seeking God’s Direction

DAY 3 OF 5

Handling Baggage 

Devotional Content:

David and Tracy share about their dating relationship prior to marriage. David came into the relationship with baggage from his previous marriage, and Tracy came into the relationship with trust issues from a previous relationship.

They began working through their baggage successfully by being open and honest with each other. We all come into marriage with baggage. The important thing is that we recognize our baggage and confront it. It’s not good to avoid these important conversations, even if it seems scary to talk about.

God wants oneness and unity in your marriage, and that can only happen if you are both fully dedicated to honesty and supporting one another through your baggage. Talk about your baggage and invite God to heal you and bring you closer together through it.

Today’s Challenge:

Tracy and David share about their baggage and how it affected them. Take some time to think: What baggage do you have?

Going Deeper:

1. Have you dealt with your baggage? If so, how?

2. What can you do to support your spouse when it comes to their baggage or things they struggle with?

3. How do you want to be supported by your spouse when it comes to your baggage and the things you struggle with?

4. Pray and ask God for healing. We all have baggage and we all need healing.

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