Seeking God’s Direction

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God's Intervention 

Devotional Content:

David shares his story. After his first marriage ended in divorce, God intervened and showed David the main reason why it was unhealthy - God wasn’t in it!

For David, that changed everything and he invited God into his life. David knew that when and if he married again, God had to be at the center.

As God was working in David’s life, he met a Godly woman and eventually remarried. Now David and Tracy have an awesome marriage and they do that by putting God first every day.

Marriage is hard and knowing God and having Him at the center is crucial to having an awesome marriage. God designed marriage and He designed us. With God, you can experience true joy. With God, His hope and eternal promises can get you through the darkest of times. With God, you can gain the wisdom and skill necessary to have a healthy marriage. God wants to help you become the spouse He intended you to be. God wants you to have a healthy and thriving marriage.

Today’s Challenge:

David shares about how God intervened in his life. How has God intervened in your life for the better?

Going Deeper:

1. In what ways have you seen God work in your relationship?

2. Can you think of a time where God brought you into a good situation because you faithfully followed him?

3. Pray and ask God to help you see His hand working in your life and in your marriage.


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