Mapping Your Journey

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Growing Through Community

We know that we need to stick closely to God on our journey. But what about others? Are they optional companions for the trek or absolutely essential? The Bible is clear that living in community with other believers is very important in the Christian life. No matter how you’re wired, something in your soul longs for meaningful relationships with other humans. And meaningful relationships with others is how we grow. We can’t become the people God wants us to become outside of community. Andy Mineo shares about how he came to understand and find community.

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A real sense of awe can come from sincere friendships with other believers. It's not always easy, but we're made to live together in fellowship – to share with one another, to help each other and to encourage those around us to keep going. Do you have someone in your life you can lean on and go to with your questions about faith and following Jesus? And do you play a “life-giving” role for others? Today, write a note, send a text, or call someone to tell them how much you appreciate them or encourage them in their walk of faith. Investing in these Jesus-centered friendships is more than worth it.

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