Mapping Your Journey

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Joy in Every Circumstance

There are times in life when we experience trials, pain, and challenges. It is easy to question God’s role in our lives during difficult moments – yet Jesus is the ultimate example of showing us purpose in pain. His suffering led to our salvation. Along similar lines, the book of James explains how trials in our lives develop our faith and character. Pain comes in many forms – physical, emotional, mental. Bernadette Todd, a woman in constant physical pain, describes her own journey into a constant state of joy and perseverance throughout all she faces in life.

Listen to Bernadette

Isn’t that inspiring? It is overwhelming or even impossible to go through life’s trials alone. But with God’s help, all things are possible (Philippians 4:13). Take a quiet moment with God right now to talk this over. Ask Him for the strength to persevere through pain, whether it be a current painful situation or an unforeseen challenge in the future. Who knows, the way you handle life’s challenges may be an inspiration to those around you.