Mapping Your Journey

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Finding God’s Will

God wants you to know His will. In Romans 12:2, God gives us the essence of what His will is for our lives. Too often, we think of God’s will as a dot requiring pinpoint accuracy – that we must take aim at and be certain not to miss. We sometimes live in fear of missing God’s will. But when we keep in mind that God is a loving father, our journey is one of trust and confidence. We can trust Him to align our desires with His desires, and this keeps us in the center of His will. Singer Blanca tells how she found the Lord’s leading in her life.

Listen to Blanca

Take a step of faith, move forward, and find out what God’s will is. Ask yourself the questions from Romans 12, “Is it good? Is it acceptable? Is it perfect?” If the answer seems to be yes, then do it! No matter where you go, you will find opportunities to do His will. And as you do, you will find your life transformed increasingly into Jesus’ image. In this way, you are doing God’s will.