Mapping Your Journey

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Unexpected Places

We all think about what our future holds. Yet our best is not always what we originally plan for ourselves. It is what God has prepared for us. The Israelite journey to the promised land went differently than they expected. They had a promise of it being great (Numbers 14:8), but it didn’t happen right away. Our paths sometime involve a challenging time in the wilderness just like what the Israelites experienced on the way to their promised land. The only way to journey successfully through these times is through faith. God provides you with the strength and hope needed to get through, just as he did for Joshua*. Musician David Crowder shares how he found the strength to trust God in new ways that led to a life he never expected.

Listen to David

Just like David, you simply need to ask God for enough light to take a single next step down the unknown path before you. One prayer and step combination at a time. Over time, this becomes increasingly natural and easier to do. Actively aim to stay open to whatever God has prepared for you, even if it isn't easy, and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. This will lead to joy, peace and confident hope.

*Joshua was trained by Moses to be the leader of the Israelites after they left Egypt.