The Sauce: Seek First

The Sauce: Seek First

DAY 18 OF 21

Enlargement and Increase

Enlargement and increase in our lives are found through the righteousness and grace of Jesus. Righteousness is a defining trait we find in Jesus and can observe through the way Jesus lived His life. As we read the gospels, we see that Jesus lived a perfect life. Although we are far from perfect, we inherit the trait of Jesus's righteousness through a relationship with Him. We are promised that we inherit his perfect righteousness when we receive salvation by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We are set free from our sins to inherit eternal life. In our positional righteousness, through being in a relationship with Jesus, we have access to God's favor. Today, we pray for blessings, favor, and an increase in our lives. We pray for God’s blessing so that we can be an extension of Him and bless those around us. We ask that God would increase our influence to increase our impact and spread the Word of God to represent Him to the lost and the found for transformation in Christ.

Application/ Reflection:

  • How have you seen God's favor and blessings in your life?
  • What is God speaking to you about how to steward your increase and influence for His glory?
  • In what areas do you believe for God's blessings to glorify His name?


Lord, I am so grateful for the gifts of salvation and righteousness from your Son, Jesus. I acknowledge your goodness that although I have fallen short, you call me righteous and choose to show me your favor and blessings. I pray that I steward over your favor and blessings well. I pray that I listen closely to your instructions and live a life that reflects your love and righteousness. I ask for your blessing and favor to equip me to do what you have called me to do. I pray that as I walk in your favor, I influence others to seek your face for transformation in Christ. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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The Sauce: Seek First

Over the next 21 days, we will seek God first. By dedicating the beginning of our year to a time of prayer and fasting, we will seek God’s will for our lives. In the next 21 days, prayer will become your sauce, and you w...

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