The Sauce: Seek First

The Sauce: Seek First

DAY 17 OF 21

Commitment to the Call

When we commit to Christ, we must remain committed to our calling within the Kingdom of Heaven. As we walk throughout our daily lives, there are many options on what we give our time, treasure, and talents toward. We make decisions on our level of commitment to these different areas and how we prioritize these commitments. This year, we are making a conscious decision to seek God first and pursue the Kingdom of God. We are committing to prioritize the Kingdom today and remain committed to the call on our lives every day. The Bible instructs us to love others, love the Lord, and seek His will for our lives. We are called as followers of Christ to carry our cross, deny our flesh, and live with a Kingdom mentality. Jesus gives His disciples authority to go out and make disciples calling us to share His love with the world. This is the choice we must commit to daily. We have the choice to obey the call of God on our lives. The choice to love as disciples as Christ. The choice to live our daily lives in union with the Holy Spirit. The choice to make disciples of Christ by sharing the love of God and the good news of the Gospel. Today we are committing to be decided in walking out our Kingdom calling.

Application/ Reflection:

  • What is God speaking to you about your Kingdom calling?
  • How do you remain committed to seeking God’s calling on your life first?
  • How can you share the love of God with those around you?


Lord, I thank you for the call you have on my life. I thank you that you have kept me and sustained me. Today, I commit my heart to remain steadfast in the Kingdom calling you have given me. I pray you to help me make your will my priority. I pray that people will look at my life and see your reflection. Open my ears to hear you, Holy Spirit. I repent for times my commitment has lacked, and today I chose to seek you first. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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The Sauce: Seek First

Over the next 21 days, we will seek God first. By dedicating the beginning of our year to a time of prayer and fasting, we will seek God’s will for our lives. In the next 21 days, prayer will become your sauce, and you w...

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