The Sauce: Seek First

The Sauce: Seek First

DAY 15 OF 21

Godly Wisdom

When we ask for wisdom, God listens! Day to day, we face many challenges and questions; decisions we must make. Some choices are small, and others significantly impact our lives and others around us. We all operate out of our free will to make decisions based on many factors that can influence our choices. However, we imagine there have been times when you did not have the understanding, information, or insight to make the best decisions. The Bible says that when we ask for wisdom, God responds generously, without reproach. The Holy Spirit is our helper and advantage, giving us insight and guidance in our daily choices and interactions. Today, we ask the Lord for wisdom. We believe there is power in prayer and power in linking our faith to cover our TC Pastors, Staff, Partners, and TC Nation. We sit in expectancy for how God will generously respond to these prayers giving us wisdom and direction!

Application/ Reflection:

  • How have you seen God answer your prayers as you have sought wisdom in your life?
  • What decisions are you facing that you need wisdom from God?
  • How can you intentionally be praying for Transformation Church and others around you?


Lord, I thank you that you are a God who listens and responds generously to my prayers. I ask for wisdom. As I intercede today for TC Pastors, Staff, Partners, and TC Nation, I pray that you respond quickly and speak to those who need to hear your voice. I pray that as you speak, I will obey your voice above all else. Holy Spirit, I thank you that you are my helper, and you will guide me when I do not know what to do. I invite you into my heart and my decisions today. You are welcome here, have your way. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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The Sauce: Seek First

Over the next 21 days, we will seek God first. By dedicating the beginning of our year to a time of prayer and fasting, we will seek God’s will for our lives. In the next 21 days, prayer will become your sauce, and you w...

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