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The Good Fight: A Study in 2 TimothySample

The Good Fight: A Study in 2 Timothy

DAY 4 OF 4

What does it say?

Paul charged Timothy to keep his head and endure hardship in order to preach the Word, just as Paul had fought the good fight and kept the faith.

What does it mean?

Paul was constantly aware that Jesus would return and would reward those faithfully serving Him. Striving for a future prize from the hand of Christ motivated Paul to remain faithful in His work for the Lord. He compared his life to a distance runner crossing the finish line, claiming a hard-fought victory. Paul wanted Timothy to live with that same awareness so he would share in the victory. He knew that keeping eternal rewards in mind would affect Timothy’s attitude toward his work as he went about his duties for the church.

How should I respond?

Have you ever completed a difficult task or gotten through a hard time by focusing only on how good it will feel to have it finished? Like a runner visualizing a finish line miles away, we live differently when we focus on our purposes or goals. That is what Paul wanted for Timothy and for you. When you face temptation or discouragement, imagine what it will feel like to stand before Jesus and be rewarded for staying faithful. Take time every morning to anticipate that moment. Live your day in that joy. Begin with the end in mind, knowing by faith how fulfilling that moment will be.


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The Good Fight: A Study in 2 Timothy

Written near the end of Paul’s life, 2 Timothy is an earnest entreaty for Timothy to remain faithful to his calling. Paul encourages Timothy to be bold in teaching sound doctrine, to present himself as a worker approved ...


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