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The Good Fight: A Study in 2 TimothySample

The Good Fight: A Study in 2 Timothy

DAY 2 OF 4

What does it say?

Paul told Timothy to be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus, endure hardship, avoid quarreling and godless chatter, and flee evil desires.

What does it mean?

Paul warned Timothy not to get distracted but to focus on his mission – teaching the truth of the gospel. Paul particularly cautioned him to be careful around people who constantly tried to draw him into foolish religious arguments, which can spread like an infection within the church. Timothy was to respond with gentleness, knowing that showing kindness can bring people to their senses faster than winning arguments. Paul didn’t tell Timothy to avoid biblical discussions. Instead, he encouraged Timothy to correct wrong beliefs with humility, causing the other person to recognize the truth and turn to God, not away from Him.

How should I respond?

What argument or disagreement has currently “entangled” you? Winning arguments by crushing someone else is not really winning, is it? We need to make sure that we are not the reason someone rejects God’s offer of forgiveness. Check your daily conversations by asking yourself, “After what I just said, could I share Jesus? Would it seem hypocritical?” If it would, make it right immediately. Get in the habit of apologizing whenever you speak in a way that does not show Christ’s love and grace. The goal is not winning an argument but winning them to Jesus!

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About this Plan

The Good Fight: A Study in 2 Timothy

Written near the end of Paul’s life, 2 Timothy is an earnest entreaty for Timothy to remain faithful to his calling. Paul encourages Timothy to be bold in teaching sound doctrine, to present himself as a worker approved ...


We would like to thank Thomas Road Baptist Church for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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