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The Good Fight: A Study in 2 TimothySample

The Good Fight: A Study in 2 Timothy

DAY 3 OF 4

What does it say?

People will love pleasure rather than love God in the last days. Timothy was to continue in what he had learned from the Holy Scriptures that had equipped him for good work.

What does it mean?

Paul began his warning to Timothy with a list of ungodly characteristics that will eventually consume people who love themselves more than they love God. These types of people have always existed, but there will come a time when their attitudes will pervade the culture. Although they will constantly seek knowledge, they will avoid the truth. Paul reassured Timothy that the truths of Scripture would teach, correct, and train him even in the midst of such ungodliness. Everything God wanted Timothy to do could be done if he held on to what he knew to be true.

How should I respond?

In a culture so wrapped up in pride, selfishness, and deceitful ambition, it is comforting to know that certain important truths will not change or lead you to harm. What are you doing to keep the truths of the Bible stored in your mind? Choose three or four verses and write them on index cards. Keep them in your wallet or purse or out on your desk at work. Write new ones down regularly and swap them out. God will use His Word to equip, teach, train, and correct you every time you read them. Will you be ready for God's “good work” in your path today?


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About this Plan

The Good Fight: A Study in 2 Timothy

Written near the end of Paul’s life, 2 Timothy is an earnest entreaty for Timothy to remain faithful to his calling. Paul encourages Timothy to be bold in teaching sound doctrine, to present himself as a worker approved ...


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