Beyond Disaster: Find Fresh Strength and Hope in the Bible

Beyond Disaster: Find Fresh Strength and Hope in the Bible

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Why I Am I Feeling this Way?

If you have gone through a traumatic experience, you may feel like you were knocked off your feet emotionally and spiritually. This is normal.

You may relate to the psalmist when he wrote:

Day and night I cry,
and tears are my only food;
all the time my enemies ask me,
“Where is your God?”
(Psalm 42:3 GNT).

When things go wrong, you may look for someone to blame—yourself or someone else. This is a way of making sense of what happened, but it isn’t helpful. Accepting what happened will help you to heal.

You may feel guilty that you survived the disaster while others did not, or that you suffered less than others. This is a common response.

You may feel ashamed about the way you are reacting to the disaster. And you may feel embarrassed that you must accept help from others for basic needs like clothing, food, and water. This often happens when you are used to taking care of your own needs or if you were usually the one helping others. Remember that it is not your fault you are in this situation. Others likely do not think less of you for having difficulty. And God is not ashamed of you. Allowing others to help you can strengthen your relationships and even help you make new ones. You may also find yourself beginning to rely more on God than before.

For Reflection

  1. How has the disaster changed your life?
  2. As you examine your life and circumstances, where do you see God? Does God feel near or far?

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Beyond Disaster: Find Fresh Strength and Hope in the Bible

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