The Heart of Wisdom

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Devotion to God = Wisdom from God

Wisdom is about the heart. In Proverbs 3:5, King Solomon thrice speaks of matters of the heart. He uses three verbs (trust, lean not, submit) to discuss what we do in life with our hearts. Our first step is developing a devotion to God to allow God to do what He wants in us,

Devotion to God puts us in a position to gain wisdom. There is an important posture of our hearts we must practice where we are leaning toward God in devotion: we must have an attitude of trust. Our trust in the Lord is like a rudder that guides us toward wisdom.

In addition to leaning toward and trusting God, we must learn to fear the Lord. Without devotion developing into the fear of the Lord, we will naturally drift away from Him and His Word. When drifting, just a slight course change can take you very far from your destination. When we drift, we sin. A slight drift can cause a lot of damage in the long run. Your lack of wisdom can affect somebody else’s life. In the end, others might have to go through a lot of trouble to fix the consequences of your unwise choices.

According to a study by Cornell University, we make 35,000 decisions in a day. As we go through our day, we must choose to honor God through our decisions. We are not perfect, but we have to walk in wisdom. Walking in wisdom requires us to honor God in all we do. When we develop a fear for the Lord out of our devotion, we are rearranging our lives to allow Him to be Lord. We are honoring Him by leaning on Him in trust. When we honor God, we acknowledge Him. His Word promises us He will make our paths straight. Honoring God is a vital step in our walk toward finding wisdom.

We must remain teachable as we learn to lean on God through devotion. We must not despise discipline because the Father disciplines those whom He loves. When we lean on the Lord and accept His firm but loving guidance, we will refrain from leaning on our own understanding. If we choose His understanding over ours, we will set our course in the right direction and be wiser children.

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