The Heart of Wisdom

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The right time for wisdom

We may want God’s wisdom, but we often hesitate to bind God’s Word to our hearts. Wisdom is not something caught on the fly. It must be acquired before we reach for it to access it. That is why we must seek wisdom by praying daily for it and saturating our lives in it. Many people are unprepared because they are unwilling to put in the time required today to acquire the wisdom they will need for tomorrow.

Just as we stock up on food before the storm so we can later reach into the pantry and pick out what we need, wisdom must be stored within us to be easily accessed when crisis comes. That way, we are prepared when we have to face a crisis. Difficult times will come; God wants us ready to face them. King Solomon meditated and wrote down timeless words of instruction and guidance, and God added to Solomon’s wisdom.

One Saturday evening, as I was finalizing my sermon for the next Sunday morning service, I realized I was out of printing paper. Unprepared, I had to rush out to buy a ream to be ready for the next morning. It is one thing to need printing paper to print and not have it. It’s another to need the wisdom to parent well during a crisis. It is one thing to need paper; it is another to decide between sin and righteousness. A lack of paper is just an inconvenience, but a lack of wisdom, so we do not understand God’s direction for our lives—that is serious. That’s why we must get wisdom before we need it and have it ready in our hearts to use it.

What are you doing today to prepare your heart and spirit for the storms of tomorrow? Today is the time to acquire wisdom. Every day is the day to seek the Lord and search His Word for answers to our questions and moral dilemmas. When we bind God’s wisdom to our hearts, we are equipping ourselves for the bad days. We cannot afford to be found unprepared.