The Heart of Wisdom

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Desiring Wisdom

One cannot speak of wisdom without mentioning King Solomon or the book of Proverbs. The word wisdom is found 52 times in Proverbs alone. The Bible equates wisdom to precious silver and gold; like them, wisdom is not easily found and must be constantly sought.

Where did Solomon get his wisdom? From the beginning, King Solomon showed a hunger for wisdom in acting justly while governing his people. He understood, very early on, that nothing else mattered without wisdom. Born as an heir to a great kingdom, he had riches, reputation, and power, but he understood all that could be lost if he didn’t acquire the one thing he needed the most: wisdom.

As he rested one night, God asked him, ‘What do you want?’ God knows the human heart. He knows people hunger for three basic needs: long life, riches, and revenge (victory over their enemies). Solomon’s answer pleased God—young Solomon’s heart was set in the right direction. Because Solomon’s heart was set on searching for wisdom and not those other things humanity craves, God answered that He would give King Solomon wisdom and more.

Just as Jesus taught us to seek God’s kingdom first, King Solomon knew that if he found wisdom, he would have everything he needed to succeed as a just ruler. Rather than power, wealth, or long life, acquiring God’s wisdom should be at the top of our priority list. So, when God asks us this question: ‘What do you want?’, we should answer it thoughtfully, asking for wisdom.