The Heart of Wisdom


Seeking Wisdom in the Right Places

It is unmistakable that we need wisdom daily. Modern life is overwhelming, and it is inevitable for us to find ourselves over our heads. King Solomon must have felt overwhelmed with the idea of taking the throne. He knew the time had come when he would need to seek after wisdom for himself. Where should you look if you want to grow wise, like King Solomon?

God is our foundational source of wisdom, and knowing Him better will naturally guide us down a path of wisdom. We learn to understand His ways and listen to His voice through His Word. The more we allow the Word to permeate our lives, the closer to God we will get and the wiser we will be. So, it is fair to say that a daily proverb keeps foolishness away.

In Proverbs, we see a pattern of a command and a reward - the first verse is a command, and the second concludes the thought with a reward. That pattern is also found in Chapter 3 of Proverbs, full of instruction on finding wisdom. The answer this chapter gives is to saturate your life with wisdom. We receive a command to bind or write God’s Word in our hearts. If we want to grow in wisdom, we must have God’s Word in and around us so that it will flow through us. It must be front and center in our minds and our hearts.

Besides God and His Word, we should also seek wisdom from other godly Christians. He gave us a connection with the body of Christ so we could learn from others. We can learn from their mistakes and their precious life lessons. The experience of others is wisdom, and having a teachable spirit is key.

Finally, Jesus is a source of wisdom. It is hidden in Christ, according to I Cor 1:24. The more we look at Jesus’ life, experience His teachings, and meditate on His words, the more we become saturated with wisdom.