What's the Point? (A Study in Ecclesiastes: Part 2)



Q is looking for meaning in life “under the sun.” He’s looking for it everywhere he turns- and he keeps hitting dead ends. Wisdom and work have turned out to a hevel, a striving after wind. So, he sets off on a new path- unbridled pleasure. “I kept my heart from no pleasure,” Q reflects. Because if pleasure is the one thing worth living for, then Q had better go all in. Like any good hedonist, Q pours himself a glass of wine and starts brainstorming.

What does he know about himself? What does he know brings pleasure? What has he seen and observed? Pleasure is the ultimate pursuit of what feels good and the avoidance of all things unpleasant. From his wine-infused brainstorm session, Q sets out to accumulate wealth and goods, build, plant, indulge, enjoy, and party. Surely, pleasure will make life “under the sun” more meaningful!

Does any of that sound familiar? Perhaps the “have it your way,” “just do it,” and “you do you” mantras of our day aren’t all that new. Perhaps, like Q, we just continue to strive after the wind…

Ask Yourself: What gives you pleasure? In what ways do you plan for pleasure? Where are you on the scale of living to work vs. living for pleasure?

Pause to Pray: Lord, show me the ways I love for my own feelings of pleasure, apart from You…

Take the Next Step: Evaluate your list of pleasures. Are any of them harmful to you or others? Ask a trusted friend to hold you accountable for “quitting” that pleasure habit.