What's the Point? (A Study in Ecclesiastes: Part 2)



Q’s quest continues! Follow along as he searches for meaning “under the sun.” Highlight that phrase when you see it and look for the repeated themes of wealth, wisdom, and folly.

Ask Yourself: What emotions do you sense in Q? How do you feel as you read his reflections? What do you see around you that is “hevel” (vanity- a vapor- an enigma) from where you sit right now?

Pause to Pray: Lord, thank you for the honesty of Q’s words. So much about life is just vapor. But, thank you too for the promise of more made possible through Jesus…

Take the Next Step: Reflect on your journey so far with Q. Choose a method to track what you’re learning- sketch a picture of his meandering path as he searches for meaning, and start a tally sheet of repeated phrases/themes (under the sun, wisdom, hevel, wealth, toil, etc.), or journal what you’re learning in your own words.