What's the Point? (A Study in Ecclesiastes: Part 2)



Q saw glimpses of heaven in the fleeting moments of joy he shared with friends or in a job well done. These moments cannot be grasped, and they do not in themselves answer Q’s deep question- what’s the point? They do, however, point to a greater joy that has not yet been fully realized. It is a joy that is promised to us, waiting for us. It is our eternal inheritance.

While we live “under the sun,” we’re living as if in a fog—the vapor and striving of hevel. But, one day, the hevel will clear, and the fog will be lifted. And what we now have a glimpse of will be fully revealed to us. We will return to the paradise of God’s garden. His Kingdom will be one of everlasting joy and pleasure in his presence.

For now, as we live in the “not yet,” we look for His grace in the moments of joy sprinkled throughout our days. And we seek to point all people to His goodness, His grace, His great salvation.

Ask Yourself: How do my life’s pursuits reveal my own kingdom versus the Kingdom of God?

Pause to Pray: Thank you, God, for the gifts of grace and joy and your presence. May your Kingdom come, and your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…

Take the Next Step: Celebrate God’s goodness and grace! Find a friend or two and share a meal while expressing gratitude and joy for His good work.