What's the Point? (A Study in Ecclesiastes: Part 2)



Yesterday, Q left us wondering how we can both work hard and rest here “under the sun.” We’ll leave Q behind for today and continue our journey with Jesus.

Somehow, in this world of hard work and striving, we can find rest in Jesus. We get to choose- try to shoulder the burdens of life alone or yoke ourselves to Jesus. We’ll still find that life is hard work, but we will no longer be trying to bear the weight by ourselves. This is the key to kaf ("a handful of quietness"), one hand open and ready to work, one hand at rest.

This is possible because Jesus took on all the burdens of this life, including the greatest burden, death. He took all of that on himself on the cross. For us. So that we don’t have to strive as Q did endlessly. Jesus stood up under all the weight of the world so that we could find success, significance, and rest as His children. Sons and daughters of the King. Unlike the heirs to Cornelius Vanderbilt, we’re heirs to an everlasting fortune- eternal life in the presence of our Father. Praise God!

Ask Yourself: How will you unburden yourself from the weight of work, success, and significance?

Pause to Pray: Jesus, you are greater! In you, I can work with significance. In you, I can rest with peace.

Take the Next Step: Share with a trusted friend how you will transfer the weight of work, success, of significance onto Jesus. Ask them to check in with you regularly to see how you’re doing.