Invisible World

Day 8 of 8 • This day’s reading


God wins. Evil loses.

The kingdom of evil knows how much you matter to God. Evil knows if it hurts you, it hurts God’s heart. Evil might try to scare you or to make you think you’re not good enough. It might try to make you think sinning is a better way than God’s way!

But you don’t need to be afraid because you have the armor of God to protect you, and you can fight with God’s power.

Speak God’s truth! God gave us the Bible so we know what is true and good, and what is not. When evil tries to trick you, you can fight it off by speaking God’s words from the Bible!

Pray powerful prayers! God fills you with His Holy Spirit when you choose to trust and follow Jesus. That means all of the power of God that raised Jesus from the dead can live in you! God’s Holy Spirit in us is way more powerful than the kingdom of evil, and we can fight with His power when we pray.

Call out to Jesus! He is always there for you to remind you of His truth and that He’s already won the war.

Watch the video to learn Ephesians 6:13. Play Memory Match-Up to help you remember God has won the war against evil.

Memory Match-Up

1.     Write all of Ephesians 6:13 on a piece of paper.

2.     Cut out 20 rectangles from a different piece of paper.

3.     Write two words from Ephesians 6:13 on each rectangle. It’s okay if some of your rectangles are blank.

4.     Turn all the rectangles over and mix them up.

5.     Try to find the words of the verse in order.

6.     Play again without looking at the verse.

Talk It Over: Talk about ways you can fight on God’s side. What big, powerful prayers can you pray? When do you think it’s a good time to call out to Jesus and ask for His help?