Invisible World


God is bigger and stronger than any problem.

We tell God about our problems. We know He loves us, so why doesn’t God do the miracle we ask for every single time?

Maybe, like Lazarus’ sisters, you asked Jesus to heal someone you loved and that person died. Maybe someone you love had a big problem—like getting bullied every day or their parents are breaking up—and you asked God to fix the problem, and it looks like He didn’t.

It hurts when you pray for a miracle and it doesn’t work out the way you hoped. But Lazarus’ story shows that God hurts with you when that happens.

Jesus got to Lazarus’ house after Lazarus died and was buried. Even though Jesus knew He was going to raise His friend from the grave, it hurt Him to see Lazarus’ sisters crying. He cried, too.

Jesus cared about their problems, and He cares about yours.

Talk It Over: What problems have you talked to God about? How did He answer your prayers? How can Lazarus’ story help you if your prayers aren’t answered the way you wanted?