Invisible World

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God is bigger and stronger than any problem.

God is bigger and stronger than any problem. So why doesn’t God fix our problems the way we ask Him to?

No one knows. Our human brains are way too small to understand God’s plan. But God knows everything from beginning to end. He made all of it! Sometimes the way God answers our prayers isn’t what we expected, but He always answers in a way that best takes care of us and brings glory to His name.

The best answer to your problem might be exactly what you’re praying for, or it might be different from the miracle you’re praying for. Trust God is in control of His plan, from beginning to end.

Watch the video and play What’s Missing to help you memorize Jeremiah 32:17 and remember that God is way bigger than any problem.

What’s Missing

1.     Ask your family or friends to play with you.

2.     Read all of Jeremiah 32:17 to them.

3.     Read Jeremiah 32:17 again, but leave a word out.

4.     The first person to guess which word is missing is the winner.

5.     Keep playing the game until everyone gets a turn to read.

Talk It Over: Have you ever prayed for something and God didn’t answer the way you wanted? Talk about how that made you feel. What will help you remember to keep trusting God when that happens?