Invisible World

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Heaven is my spirit’s home.

When we choose to follow Jesus, Heaven is our spirit’s forever home. And that’s a good thing.

Still, it can be hard—and sometimes scary—to think about Heaven. Our bodies have to die before our spirits can go there. And when someone you love dies, it’s really sad. You might feel like you’ll never see them again. But if you choose to follow Jesus, you’ll see your loved ones again in Heaven if they chose to follow Jesus, too.

Heaven is a part of the supernatural, invisible world, so we don’t know everything about it, and what we do know doesn’t always make sense to our human brains. But Heaven is God’s home, too, and He doesn’t want us to be afraid of it.

Maybe that’s why God tells us in the Bible that Heaven will be better than anything we can imagine. We’ll worship God all the time and have a blast doing it! Everything in Heaven celebrates God’s greatness, and all the hard things we experience on Earth will be gone forever. No more sin, sickness, death, pain, or other bad feelings!

Watch the video and draw a Scripture Sketch to help you memorize Hebrews 13:14. It will help you remember that Heaven is something we can be excited about!

Scripture Sketch

1.     Get a piece of paper and something to draw with.

2.     Write the whole verse of Hebrews 13:14 on the paper.

3.     Think about the verse.

4.     Draw what the verse makes you think about.

5.     Share your picture with friends and family.

Talk It Over: The Bible gives us hints about what Heaven is like, but nobody knows for sure. What do you think Heaven is like? What’s your favorite way to worship God now? How do you think we’ll worship God together?