30DaysOfBibleLettering - Round 3


Welcome to your mission field. You entered it when you woke up this morning. Whether you are aware of it or not. God doesn’t have to say: “Go, it’s time for missions.” When you became a child of God, that’s when He said: “Go, it’s time for missions.”

Wherever you go, you have an opportunity to share the Gospel and be a light. Give someone a smile, help someone, or just be you. I have realized that just being me is enough--knowing my identity in Christ shines through me without even trying to share the good news.

People will recognize a difference. So when you are waiting on God to say: “Go,” I am telling you, He already has. Maybe you’re expecting him to say: “Go to Africa,” but He said go and be a light. Matthew 5:16 talks about the lights we are. Today can be the day of your first step of many more to come.

Lettering text: GO