30DaysOfBibleLettering - Round 3

“Be free”

If God is all we need and He says that he will never leave us nor forsake us, why should we not be content with what we have? Because we don’t see what we have. We only see what we don’t have. And we are only looking at materialistic things.

We lack money, clothes, or the latest invention. What we have is true freedom, a relationship with the most high God, and a mission for life. So many people these days live because they live, but they don’t know why and for what. With God you know why you live and for what you live.

In addition to this, God helps you with everything He has and is. How could this not be enough? I want to give you an example. If a person you love dies, the only thing which won’t be taken are the memories in your heart. The person is gone and his belongings won’t be kept for long.

So what is left is what you have in your heart. It’s the same with God. The true relationship you have with God can never be taken from you. Worldly things will. Whether you want it or not. God tells us to be content with what we have in him. I don’t want to let God think He is not enough for me.

Lettering text: Be content with what you have