Repurposed Faith Quiet Time Challenge

Day 4 of 10 • This day’s reading


Have you ever read a verse of Scripture that was meaningful to you, but when you wanted to call it to mind or share it, you couldn’t remember where you read it? Fortunately, there are numerous tools to help you keep track and Bible apps that have great search features. I am a fan of 3x5 cards. I will often write a verse with a key word at the top, the date, and file it alphabetically in an extra long recipe box.

Visit a Christian bookstore or browse online and find a method that works for you and dive into the Word. Psalms or Proverbs are good places to begin. Maybe all you need is a devotional Bible, paper, and pen. (…Or sticky notes. Who doesn’t love sticky notes?)

If you get overwhelmed by all of the resources, ask for help. Perhaps you used to keep a journal, but have gotten out of the habit. Reread the verses and insights you may have recorded years ago, and ask the Lord to give you fresh insight that will renew your faith.

Today’s challenge:
• Determine a way to capture and record what you get out of your quiet time today.
(phone note, sticky note, 3x5 card, journal, writing or illustrating in the margins of your bible, record it)
• Meditate on the four verses and consider these key thoughts: wisdom, insight, listening, and music.
• If you have time, read the whole chapter, and keep meditating, observing, praying, and recording.
• Meditate on these questions:
o What are the action words mentioned in the four verses for today and how might they apply to you personally?
o Is anything mentioned twice?