Repurposed Faith Quiet Time Challenge


Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? That must have been why my husband and three sons used to go spelunking. They spent hours preparing for these adventures, gathering together all of the proper equipment for safe caving.

Although they never found treasures of gold or money, they did observe the treasures of God’s creation deep under the earth where many have never been. Others spend a lifetime looking for lost treasures under the sea or on deserted islands. What if we could see our study of the Bible as a spiritual treasure hunt that stirs the soul passion within us that motivates us to keep seeking?

Today’s challenge:
• As you spend you time with God today, approach it with eager expectation that He will show you a treasure that you never saw before in the Bible.
• If you have time, read the entire chapter of Job 28. Imagine you are going mining, and record what you find.
• Meditate on these questions:
o How can you put God’s treasures above earthly treasures in your everyday life?
o Where can wisdom be found?
o Where does understanding dwell? What does it mean to dwell?
o Why is it hard for man to comprehend the worth of wisdom and understanding?
o What would happen if you began to comprehend the true value of wisdom and understanding?