Repurposed Faith Quiet Time Challenge


The news yesterday in our town was heartrending. It was the first day of school and there was a terrible crash that left four dead and one injured. The tragedy was unthinkable. How will these families be able to deal with this, to face the future when their world has turned upside down?

I don’t have the answers to that. All I know to do is pray and help as I am able and am made aware of the two families’ needs. There are numerous references in the Bible about remembering what the Lord has done in times past. David remembered and was helped in his day of trouble.

Today’s challenge:
• Describe David’s meditation (Psalm 77:6 and 13-14)
• Meditate on these questions:
o In the beginning of the chapter, David’s raw emotions are evident. Can you relate?
o What did David do in the day of his trouble? (Psalm 77:1)
o How did David describe his soul? (Psalm 77:2)
o What happened when he sighed? (Psalm 77:3)
o What did he consider? (Psalm 77:5)
o What did he remember? (Psalm 77:6)