Repurposed Faith Quiet Time Challenge

Day 2 of 10 • This day’s reading


The common denominator to the most meaningful relationships we have is the time we have invested in them. The Bible speaks of friends interacting as “iron sharpening iron,” and God is spoken of as a friend that is closer than a brother. In order to develop a relationship, there must be a willingness to commit our time.

Having a quiet time is much more than checking something off your spiritual “to do” list. It is growing an intimate and personal relationship with the God who created us. We must trust that He loves us and has chosen us to follow Him and become like Him. But there’s another critical reason why we must take seriously a time set apart to meditate on the Scriptures and to pray.

When my husband was in the military, he started first at basic training and from there went on to Advanced Infantry Training. Eventually he qualified expert in all infantry weapons. He did this in order to be the best soldier he could be. It was a matter of survival. The four key elements in 2 Timothy 3:16 are critical to earthly battles as well as spiritual ones.

Today’s challenge:
• Approach your quiet time expectantly and ask God to give you new insights that you can apply to your life. If time allows, read the whole chapter of 2 Timothy 3 to get a better idea of the context of the verse.
• Meditate on these questions:
o How is God’s Word profitable for teaching? Key thought: Know
o What is reproof and how do you respond to it? Key thought: Stop
o What areas of your life need correction? Key thought: Change
o How does Scripture train us to be righteous? Key thought: Grow