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It's Not About Y.O.U.Sample

It's Not About Y.O.U.

DAY 2 OF 3

Heart Problems

So often we have been told to go with what feels right, a.k.a “ just follow your heart.” Yes! This seems like great advice and in some cases has yielded success for some. It’s just that according to the holy word that isn’t always wise. You see, our hearts (the seat of our emotions and desires) because of the fallen nature of man, are defected and evil and must be cleansed by the Holy Spirit. Our hearts have played so many tricks on us, leading us to believe that what we feel must be real and therefore it must be right, only to be proven wrong in the end.

Countless times throughout the scriptures we have seen situations where following the tricky heart has led to devastation. We have seen David following his heart for Bathsheba leading to an eternal family war, Samson following his heart for Delilah leading to a loss of vision and power, and many others to include our own stories. The only help for our heart is opening it up to Yahweh and allowing the Holy Spirit to change the core. The bottom line is that our hearts are the last thing that we need to follow first!

Forward Step: Be honest with Yahweh about your emotions and desires and then ask Him to purify you from there.

Prayer: Yahweh, I humbly come to you confessing that I need you. I ask you to create in me a clean heart and renew the right spirit within me. Lead me and guide me to the path that leads to life and peace. I love you and I thank you in the name of Yeshua. Amen

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It's Not About Y.O.U.

Too often we as believers fall short of what God has for us because of our own way of thinking. We can’t put trust in our own understanding because it is often tainted with pride, ego, unresolved issues, and other types ...


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