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It's Not About Y.O.U.Sample

It's Not About Y.O.U.

DAY 1 OF 3

Unfollow Yourself

It is so easy to rely on what you’ve seen, heard, or experienced when making important decisions. To give so much weight to influencers on social media, podcast personalities, and even unproven pandemic preachers to give more direction than the Holy Spirit. Seeking out wise counsel is healthy, but be careful, because just like you can't eat everybody's potato salad, you can’t take everyone’s advice. We simply can’t put so much trust in our own understanding because it is often tainted with pride, ego, greed, unresolved issues, and many other types of sin- it’s just not a reliable source.

So just as it is with social media sites when you find a page, a person, or a personality that doesn’t fit where you’re flowing, you kindly unfollow. That is what has to be done with your own reasoning. Following God means literally unfollowing yourself, resisting your own need to be right, and yielding total control to Him. Our Father God loves when we turn to Him before we make any decision. He promises to go before us and clear any obstacles that may stand in the way.

Just be mindful that God always knows the best way forward, and He will always lead you into His perfect understanding and will!

Forward Step: Ask God for clarity, and then wait until he gives it.

Prayer: Yahweh, You are the source of all wisdom. You know the ending from the beginning, You are Alpha and Omega. Today, I am asking that you help me put my trust in you. I believe that you know what’s best, so I ask for your wisdom to guide me, in the name of Yeshua. Amen

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It's Not About Y.O.U.

Too often we as believers fall short of what God has for us because of our own way of thinking. We can’t put trust in our own understanding because it is often tainted with pride, ego, unresolved issues, and other types ...


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