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It's Not About Y.O.U.Sample

It's Not About Y.O.U.

DAY 3 OF 3

Get Out Of Your Head

For some of you, the safest place to live is in your head. There are likely to be thousands of thoughts running through your mind ranging from “What am I going to eat today?” to “Will I live to see 80 years old?.” The issue is there’s so much stress and anxiety connected to your thoughts that it negatively affects how you see Yahweh moving on your behalf. The fact that Yahweh operates from eternity and you operate in time means that His thoughts about things are totally antithetical to yours.

Yeshua taught His disciples many lessons while He walked the earth but one of His most important was about a change of mind. (Matt 4:17). He knew that if His followers didn’t give up the way they thought and saw the Kingdom of Heaven and others that they would completely miss Yahweh altogether. The same principle applies to you and me today. In fact, let me leave you with this one question, What Are You Missing From Being In Your Head?

Forward Step: Write down your troubling thoughts on a piece of paper and find a verse from the Bible and confess what God thinks about them.

Prayer: Yahweh, humbly I come before your throne thanking you for grace. At this moment I surrender my mind, heart, and soul to you. I know that you have great plans and thoughts for me. I ask that you help me trust you and take your thoughts for my own. In the name of Yeshua, your Son, I pray. Amen.

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About this Plan

It's Not About Y.O.U.

Too often we as believers fall short of what God has for us because of our own way of thinking. We can’t put trust in our own understanding because it is often tainted with pride, ego, unresolved issues, and other types ...


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