Creating Captivating Clarity


Obedience prepares you for clarity

To obtain any blessing from God, obedience is required, but honestly, it's not a popular topic. We live in a culture that glorifies being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it. We want what we want, and we want it now, and this way of being is opposed to a lifestyle that creates captivating clarity in Christ. 

In the Biblical story of Esther, we see how she was brought to the palace, and after being prepared for 12 months, she was brought into the king's presence. She found favor with the king, which later served her as she was able to go back into his presence with a request that saved her people, the Jews. 

When we think of Esther, we think of a queen who was blessed, but let's take a moment to acknowledge that it was her obedience to God that made every step clear for her, resulting in her blessing.  

God has given us all instructions that prepare us for His blessing, and you become clear on those as you turn towards God through your prayer and meditation time. Meditating on God's written Word and rhema (meaning "now") Word provides you with revelation. This revelation can come to you through scripture, through a person, through a sermon, and even through a book or sign. You'll see confirmation when you look around your life, and you'll know, clearly, what your next step should be.

If you're with me this far into this clarity journey, we’ve established that you don't just want to come TO…you want to come INTO. What do I mean by that?

I don't just want to come TO church – I want to be ushered INTO God's presence.

I don't just want to go TO the bank to make a deposit – I want to honor God with my tithes and finances so well that I come INTO financial abundance.

I don't want to just go TO my wedding – I want to be brought INTO an amazing marriage.

Let's make the focus of our lives more about what God is bringing us into and how we can glorify Him, than about events and things. Throughout the book of Esther, there aren’t any verses about her talking about the palace or all her jewelry and clothes or the events she attended as the king's wife. What you do see is how she is brought into an opportunity to glorify God because of her obedience.

So, how are we supposed to approach obedience? Proverbs 3:5 shares an answer:

1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart

2. Lean not unto your own understanding

3. Acknowledge Him in all your ways

4. He will direct your paths

This is the formula for obedience that brings you into your blessing.

Today's Affirmation

God is directing your path today and giving you HIS strength to be obedient. You are being brought into the right place so that you can receive the blessing. Spaces and places with your name on them are opening for you and you're realizing more and more just how vast the kingdom of God is. Obedience comes naturally to you; it is your preferred way. You are reassured of God's love, and you cast your cares on Him because He cares for you. 

BWFwoman's manifestHER Daily Question of the Day:

What specific life area is requiring more of your obedience?